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We love to hear from the community about how we're doing. Here are some recent comments we've received:

"Offering classes like this is a great service to the community. It helps keep kids engaged in positive things and gives them tools to keep safe. Thanks very much!"

"GREAT JOB on the Newsletter. It came in yesterday’s mail. We found it informative and interesting. A wonderful idea to keep the community aware of how important you all are for all of us. It was good to get your website address too. We’re at the point in our life where we need to have that Medical Emergency Card available on our refrigerator. There is one there already, but there should be two! It was a good reminder. I’ll check the website for your form."

"The format of the Newsletter was attractive and eye-catching – good short articles. CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done. And THANK YOU for all that the department does for our Gaston Community."

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