Volunteering at Gaston Fire

The lifeblood of the Gaston Rural Fire District is volunteers. If you want to help out, you can download an application here. If you're a member of a local organization that needs a meeting place, the District's building might be just what you need. We have an application for that, too.

NOTE: Applications for career staff positions are not available online.

Volunteering at Gaston Fire

We have volunteers who are 18 and we have volunteers who are in their 50s.

We have volunteers from all walks of life: retail, healthcare, students, logging, high-tech and more.

Some are tall, some short. Some are tough and rugged, some not. None of that matters as long as you care. We fight fires, answer medical calls, free people trapped in car wrecks, rescue people at Hagg Lake, pull horses from flooded streams ...

It's easy to learn to be a firefighter. And it's free. Our Training Officer will give you details about the requirements and when the Firefighter Academy starts.

How to get involved:

Come to a meeting

The Gaston Rural Fire District board meets at 6 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month at the station house. The public is always invited.

Volunteer Firefighter application

Whether it's by fighting fires or helping out at the Wapato Showdown, you can help out at the Gaston Rural Fire District. We have full combat and support volunteer positions available.

Click here to fill out a Volunteer Interest Card

Hagg Lake Water Patrol

Water Patrol Application

Love Hagg Lake? If you're available Friday afternoons or on the weekend, consider joining the Water Patrol! We regularly patrol Hagg Lake to be available on the water and near the shores for emergencies and rescues.

Click here to download and print the Water Patrol Application

Application to use the district building

The Gaston Rural Fire District building is available for use by community organizations.

Click here to download and print the .pdf file.

For emergencies, call 9-1-1

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