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Vintage firefighters

The heritage of Gaston Fire is deeply rooted in the history of western Washington and northern Yamhill counties.

For generations, the finest families of the area have served their community, without pay and without fanfare, fighting fires and rescuing sick and injured neighbors.

We can't change the "without pay" part of the previous sentence, but we would like to correct the "without fanfare" part.

If you - or one of your family members, ancestors or family friends - served with Gaston Fire in any capacity, we would love to share your story.

You can start by helping us tell the story of the gentlemen above. If you have a tale about one or more of them, please tell us. We also welcome pictures from the district that you have and that you would be willing to share with readers of

Thank you in advance for sharing.

And to the memory of those who have served, thank you.

A little fanfare, please.

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