Outdoor Burning Information

Call numbers below before you burn. Also keep in mind that permits are required in land covered by the Oregon Department of Forestry Fire District.

You have been clearing brush and you want to burn it. You and your neighbors have different opinions about when it's legal to do so.

So when is backyard burning legal? The honest answer is: it depends.

Generally, backyard burning is allowed during the spring, between about March 1 and June 15, and in the fall, between about October 1 and December 15.

However, there are exceptions even during these seasons, depending on weather conditions. Even when it's cold and rainy and the risk of wildfire is low, conditions can make the smoke extremely dangerous for your neighbors who are elderly or who suffer from chronic health conditions.

For daily burning updates check this website or you can call (503) 472-3344 in Yamhill County.

When you burn, be sure to supervise the fire, keep a water source
on the scene, minimize burning during periods of high wind and double check the burn line information before burning.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality sets many of the rules for backyard burning. In general, however, residential burns may consist only of yard debris, such as brush, leaves, weeds, etc. Household waste, old tires, chemicals and such, never qualify as legal material to burn.

Farmers, who are people who use their land to earn a monetary profit from crops, livestock and poultry, have their own special rules. However, just because you have a llama or a few chickens doesn't mean you qualify for these agricultural exemptions.

The state of Oregon sets these rules, not our District, so click here to read more about the regulations.

Slash burning also is regulated by the state. Contact the Oregon Department of Forestry Forest Grove office at 503-357-2191 for more information.

For emergencies, call 9-1-1

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