Gaston Fire Apparatus

Here at Gaston Fire we take a lot of pride in our apparatus. We take the time to make sure our equipment is outfitted properly, well maintained and clean.

Engine 1171

Engine 1171 is our "first out" Fire Engine that is sent out on fire responses, rescues, motor vehicle accidents and medical calls.

Rescue 11

Rescue 11 is dispatched to medical emergencies and contains equipment and facilities for patient care on an emergency scene.

Engine 1172

Engine 1172 is our "second out" Fire Engine that is outfitted almost identically to 1171. It is used when additional crews need to arrive to a call, and is rotated into the first out position regularly.

Tender 11

Tender 11 is a vehicle capable of bringing 3000 gallons of water to a fire scene, and is commonly used in our Rural areas that don''t have ready access to a hydrant or other water source

Brush 11

Brush 11 is outfitted for fighting wildland, field and brush fires over varied terrain.

Brush 1122

This is our secondary brush rig used for assisting on field and brush fires.

Command 1121

1121 is our Incident Command vehicle utilized by our Fire Chief for command at incidents.


1125 is used to transport support materials or additional firefighters to an emergency scene and is also used for training purposes.

For emergencies, call 9-1-1

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