The start of fire season means the end of burning in Washington County.

On Monday, July 10, the Forest Grove Protection Unit of the Oregon Department of Forestry will officially declare fire season in our area as underway, and Washington County's Fire Departments are following them with the summer ban on outdoor burning.

So what exactly does this mean? For most of the residents of Washington County this means that all outdoor burning is now prohibited until further notice. Outdoor cooking using a gas grill or solid fuel barbecue is exempt from this closure, as are small recreational or warming fires, but please keep in mind that our county fire agencies may further restrict these at a later date if fire danger conditions become extreme.

For those who use the forest lands for recreation or industrial use, this fire season declaration means that public closures and land use restrictions will be in effect for fire safety purposes. Please follow all warning signs that are posted in state forest land areas.

Northwest Oregon is not immune from the same devastating fires that other parts of Oregon has had in recent years. More often than not, the wildfires we do have here are started by human acts. We must all work together to be fire safe this summer and ensure that we prevent a major wildfire from happening here. Things like improperly disposing of smoking materials, unattended campfires, or using gas operated tools and equipment during the hottest part of the day, are all frequent causes of wildfire for our area. Please be fire safe this summer, and we can all have a safe and enjoyable summer without the fear of a wildfire here.

For additional information about how you can improve the fire safety of your property, call the station: (503) 985-7575

Loaner Chimney Brush

To help district residents keep their chimneys and/or stovepipes clean and free of debris, Gaston Fire is providing a Chimney Brush Lending Program. Stop by the station to pick up a chimney brush. They can be checked out for 24 hours, and must be returned within this time. Contact Us at the station if you have any questions.

Board Meetings

The Gaston Rural Fire District holds its monthly Board Meeting on the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm at the fire station, 102 East Main Street. These meetings are open to the public with agendas being posted the preceding Monday at the station.

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